Pete & Storm

Highlights from Pete & Storm’s wedding film.

This pair celebrated their marriage while a magnificent KZN downpour beat down on the roof of a chapel in the middle of the Caversham Valley in the Midlands. Everything was so green, it felt like we were in a fairytale. As Storm got ready in the cottage, we watched the birds fly by and the cows grazing in the distance. The reception followed with another massive pelting of rain, but the two of them managed to get inside unscathed from our shoot by the river, thanks to a couple of dedicated guests who covered their dash indoors. Dancing the night away, enjoying friends, food, and ice cream – and each other – who could ask for anything better?

Venue: Orchards Venue, Midlands, KZN
Photographer: Stuart Vivier Photography
Music: ‘Walking Down The Street’ by Borrtex (licensed via Free Music Archive)